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2013 Chart Notes®
December 2013 - Magazine
Posted: December 2013
Lead Article: Mike Gilbert, M.D. - Just a Country Kid from Sweet Home.
Story by: Eric Schuman, PA-C

November 2013 - Magazine
Posted: November 2013
Lead Article: Ultra Doc - How a Salem Pathologist Won the Most Grueling Foot Race in North America.
Story by: Eric Schuman, PA-C

October 2013 - Magazine
Posted: October 2013
Lead Article: A Prophetic Voice for Humanity - The Story of David Shaw, M.D.
Story by: Eric Schuman, PA-C

September 2013 - Magazine
Posted: September 2013
Lead Article: From Marathon to Rice Field - The Journey of Scott Hadden, M.D.
Story by: Eric Schuman, PA-C

August 2013 - Magazine
Posted: August 2013
Lead Article: Erin Hurley, M.D., to Breast Cancer: Not Me!
Story by: Eric Schuman, PA-C

July 2013 - Magazine
Posted: July 2013
Lead Article: Laslo Kolta, MD and Katie Tihanyi, MD: Children of the Revolution.
Story by: Peter Ronai, MD

June 2013 - Magazine
Posted: June 2013
Lead Article: A Command Performance.
Story by: Eric Schuman, PA-C

May 2013 - Magazine
Posted: May 2013
Lead Article: William "Bud" Pierce, M.D., PHD - A Man for All People.
Story by: Eric Schuman, PA-C

April 2013 - Magazine
Posted: April 2013
Lead Article: Child Health Associates of Salem - A Model for Clinical Education.
Story by: Eric Schuman, PA-C

March 2013 - Magazine
Posted: March 2013
Lead Article: Paul Neumann, M.D. - How Many Missions?
Story by: Eric Schuman, PA-C

February 2013 - Magazine
Posted: February 2013
Lead Article: Dre Clarke, M.D. and Chris Clarke, M.D. - Musings on a Medical Marriage.
Story by:
Peter Ronai, M.D., PhD.

January 2013 - Magazine
Posted: January 2013
Lead Article: Alive at Last! The Journey from Rick to Renee
Story by:
Eric Schuman, PA-C

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